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Awesome fun filled wedding at Midginbil Hill NSW

Meet Gillian and Andrew the super relaxed, fun couple who had an epic DIY wedding at Midginbul Hill in the Northern NSW region. 

How Gillian and Andrew Met

We met at the university sailing club. We didn’t think much of each other at first however after a few months we were great friends and about a year later we finally got together. No-one was too surprised by that point!

We were on a cruise travelling through the Norwegian fjords in the middle of winter and he proposed

I suddenly knew what was happening when he took off his beanie. Not something done lightly when outdoors in winter! He did well to make me listen until the end as I tried to say yes a few times

He had designed my engagement ring himself to incorporate a koru inspired spiral and emeralds for pounamu to represent my New Zealand heritage. Such a thoughtful and beautiful touch.

Planning Their Wedding at Midginbil Hill 

We had our ceremony at Crams Farm reserve in Doon Doon, Northern NSW. The whole region is beautiful and this spot was perfect. 

Andrew: We didn’t actually decide on the specific spot until a week or so before the wedding, there were too many great locations around Midginbil Hill and we couldn’t pick one.

Midginbil Hill was perfect for our wedding reception. We loved the region and having a location we could spend the weekend with our family and friends appealed. More than that it was a very DIY location which suited us perfectly.

Andrew: We liked the area and idea of a weekend wedding so much that we actually booked the venue from London before even visiting the venue!

Unique of funny moments at your wedding at Midginbil Hill

Immediately after the ceremony hugging my maid of honour and her hair getting caught in my earring. We thought Adam was running over to help but he just wanted to get a photo!

Andrew: I had the idea to take our model sailing boats sailing on the dam at Crams as a bit of relaxation in the morning. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any wind and the dam was full of weeds, so we just dropped the boats in the weeds and stood around looking at them while Adam took photos

Any advice for future couples Getting Married at Midginbul Hill

There are pros and cons of how much time you have to plan a wedding. Regardless, you realise when you get close to the day that nothing is more important than marrying the person you love. All the details help bring the ceremony to the occasion but no single detail matters.

Andrew: Enjoy the planning stages. After all the majority of the time will be spent on that.

The Wedding Vendors involved 

Wedding planner: Us!

Midginbul Hill Wedding Website

Celebrant: Susie Figgis  http://www.lifeceremonies.com.au

Gown: Justin Alexander from Daisy’s Bridal Couture; Wimbledon, London

Makeup: Sarah Barr  https://www.theluxebeautyco.com

Flowers: Denise Turnbull (Andrew’s Aunt)

Caterer: All Rounders

Band/DJ: Sarah Archer

Cars: 1961 FB Holden (From Midginbil Hill)

Suit: Strictly Formal Suits

Hair: Ron Snodgrass Byron Hair

Cake:  Ann Budzevski (Family friend)

Event set up: Us and family!

Tweed Valley Wedding Photographer

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