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Samos Island Greek Wedding

Because everyone had made the effort to travel. In some cases thousands of kilometres to be at our wedding on the Greek island of Samos. We didn’t want to spend hours on our wedding day getting photos and not spending it with our friends and family. Because Adam and his family stayed on Samos with us. He was always on hand to come along and document the different events we had. This included, the making of the bed prior to the wedding. Along with the wedding. We had beach days enjoyed relaxing at different beach bars and a boat trip. We had organised for everyone available to explore the island of Samos from the sea. 

A couple of days after the wedding we were able to get dressed up again. And go get our photos in different locations around the Greek island. We visited Manoli’s family farm and the ruins of the original farm house nestled amongst the olive groves. Then to the beach that is near the farm. A spot we frequent when we are on Samos ourselves, to skim stones and have fun a wine or two. Before heading up into the mountains of Samos to catch the last rays of light disappearing over the mountains. 

We loved this time it was so relaxed and personal.  Adam was able to make us reflect on our wedding day and the beautiful moments we had. He was also able to bring out a whole other side to Manoli with leading questions that left us both in a state of awe. The magical location we were in and the beautiful words that were spoken between us. 

Samos Island Wedding Bridal Photos

A couple of days after the wedding Manoli and Sofia and myself cruised around Samos Island to some of the locations that where special to them. Firstly to Manoli’s family farm and the old stone farm house that was now in ruins. The stone beach near Manoli’s family farm where they often went and Manoli skipped stones as he did many times before. We went up the the mountain for the sunset that over looked the beautiful Aegean Sea.

Greek Island Wedding Photographer 

The Boat Trip Samos Island Greece 

We organised a boat trip to explore a few hidden gems of the Island of Samos, we invited friends and family who were still with us to come along enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters and isolated beaches and bays. 

The staff of the Cleopatra were awesome providing us with a bbq lunch as we drank ouzo on the front deck. We cruised the island listening to local music spending fun and relaxing time with guests under the sun.

The boat trip ended our planned time with friends and family and it was awesome to have Adam here to document this for us to remember. It was also great to share those moments through the photos with family and friends that were not able to attend.

 Cleopatra boat cruises

Watch the short highlight video from the cruise around Samos Island

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