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Fun filled Wedding at Osteria with Stephanie and Dane

Stephanie and Dane’ fun filled wedding at Osteria, which is a restaurant in Casuarina with an urban vibe. 

Osteria is one of the coolest places to have a wedding in Casuarina – it has a really laid-back vibe, and offers top-class catering. There are so many beautiful spots that are perfect for photo ops. Weddings at Osteria are amazing, because the food is absolutely amazing. 

Where was your ceremony and reception and why did you choose there? 

We had our ceremony and reception at Osteria weddings at Casuarina. We had attended a wedding for friends there 5 years prior and we really fell in love with the venue. Especially the reception area. The unveiling of the room was unexpected as you dont know whats behind that garage door. The wonderful ambience made it relaxed and the food was incredible! 

Our wedding at Osteria, was intimate and relaxed, not overly formal. Wanted everyone to feel comfortable and at ease, which I think we achieved. We really wanted everyone to feel the love that we have for each other and for each of those who were invited to our wedding as well. This played into the vendors that we chose as well.

How did you meet? What was the first thing you noticed about each other?          

In the dark corners of Cocktails and Dreams nightclub. Neither of us liked going out to clubs, but we were out with friends. The first thing I noticed about Dane was his incredible smile.

Dane said the first thing he noticed about Steph was “her beautiful face”

As I was seated in the corner of a booth, Dane climbed over multiple friends to sit next to me,

We both had asked mutual friends about each other, unbenownst to each other.

When he proposed what were you thinking and how did he do it?            

I thought Dane was going to propose to me on Valentines Day (as he is somewhat predictable) we went for a romantic dinner on our favourite beach.. I was dressed for the occasion. Nothing happened.

The next day we went to the same beach again, this time I was dressed like a bum and actually had no idea. I started running down to the beach (to the water) as it was dark, and he coughed “ahem” when I turned around I could see a little light (as the CTJ box had a led light that shines on the ring as you open it)

Dane is renowned for always having ridiculous gadgets (including head lamps) so I thought to myself “What the hell has he brought down to the beach”, then he said “Stephanie Joan Amelia Ryan, will you marry me?”

I was just shocked, and it was totally unexpected. I said “are you serious? really?” Turns out the ring wasnt ready – when he had planned to do it on Valentines day. Ha!

Even better part of the story is he picked it up that afternoon and put it on our insurance – who then sent me the insurance policy. Luckily I didnt read it, but that shaved about 10 years off his life with stress thinking I was going to find out.

Who was your celebrant for your wedding at Osteria?     

Our celebrant for our wedding at Osteria was Barbara Williams, we chose Barb as she is a close friend of the family, and also one of my colleages (Steph)

Who made your dress and where was it from, what made you choose your dress?           

I purchased it from Rosa and Mary Bridal in Varsity Lakes, the Jadore dress. Its actually a formal dress…I think. I went to so many stores and tried on so many dresses. However I tried this dress on as a bit of a joke, and when i stepped out it just wowed everyone. I looked in the mirror and had tears, it was just so me!

Best part was it was the cheapest part of the wedding!!! haha, bargain!

Unique or funny moments from your wedding at Osteria?      

When the best man dropped the ring was a pretty funny moment. The look on his face was priceless.

Dane losing a page of his speech and having to wing it.

The junior groomsman Patrick falling asleep just after he did his big walk, and staying asleep for the whole ceremony and most of the afternoon.

Stopping for petrol for the videographer, and Adam getting those shots 🙂

Any advice for future couples?           

Don’t feel like you have to invite everyone you know, keeping it small lets you have more time to interact with the guests you have there, helps keep costs down, and makes it a far less stressful event.

You want someone who is not only an incredible photographer, but makes you feel comfortable. Can fit in to your day. You are investing in your memories – so don’t go for the cheapest option. Your Photographer and Videographer are the best investment

Dont sweat the small stuff, some things that don’t go to plan make the best memories.

Don’t start your marriage in debt, a huge expensive wedding is not indicative of your love for one another. Keep it real. It was absolutely perfect. Our vendors were amazing, and we were just so blessed to have the amazing energies included at our wedding.

If you’re planning a wedding at Osteria, get in touch!

Wedding Creatives at Osteria

Venue: Osteria

Celebrant: Barbara Williams

Videographer: Paige Hudson Productions

Gown: Mary & Rosa Bridal

Makeup: Melanie Jane Make up & Tan

Flowers: Pollen Events

Caterer: Osteria

Band/DJ: Thomson Music

Hair:  Amy Louise Hair

Cake:  Milk & Honey Cake Creative

Tweed Coast Wedding Photographer

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