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The Greek Island Wedding with Manoli and Sofia 

Manoli and Sofia wedding in Greek islands

Worlds apart and growing up on different continents they met by chance. While traveling to the Greek islands on a ferry across the Ionian sea. They had already noticed each other while waiting at the port. But it wasn’t until they were 18 hours into the 24 hour ferry ride that Manoli approached Sofia and offered to take her photo with the sunset. (using Sofia’s camera of course!). Manoli who thought Sofia was Italian was dumbfounded when he learnt Sofia was Greek and her family came from the same island as his, just down the road. From there conversation flowed with their love of travel and their families close bond to the Greek island of Samos. That once off chance meeting started the love affair. That has seen them follow each other around the world living in Greece, Germany and Australia.  

Sofia and the proposal 

The hiking test: While on the island Samos Manoli took me on a hike to a remote beach. It was a very hot day and after an hour and half hike to the secluded pebbled beach I had no idea what, I didn’t expect it at all! I remember thinking ‘is he actually proposing? Yes he is’! I hadn’t even thought about us getting married but at this moment I knew it was a ‘yes’ 🙂 

Their Wedding on the Island of Samos in Greek islands

They had no question about it, Manoli and Sofia had to have their wedding on the island of Samos in Greek Islands. They wanted to show friends and reunite family on the island they hold so dear. With its beautiful beaches and rugged mountains, rainforests and waterfalls. Manoli and Sofia invited friends and family who travelled from Athens, Germany, Switzerland, Palestine, Scotland, Finland, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. To enjoy the spectacular island of Samos for a summer holiday.

The Agios Nikolas Church, in the centre of Ormos, Marathakambos village in Samos was where Manoli and Sofia had their ceremony.  This is the village closest to where Manoli’s family house is located and the church where Manoli was coincidently baptised. This was for sure the best option we could of hoped for. Our priest was fantastic, young and motivated, he made us feel very welcome into the church as husband and wife and delivered a lovely ceremony that was loved by everyone.  

After walking down the hill from the church, winding through the streets and past all the old houses. We met everyone at the port for photos. Before both of us boarded a small traditional fishing boat. Bound for the clifftop venue of Chrisopetro. we arrived to the venue under the light of the full moon.

The Wedding reception on the Greek Island

Chrisopetro was fantastic for our reception with the beautiful ocean views and the summer breeze. We had the venue styled with natural colours of the local region, with Olive greens and pine trees which are in abundance though out Samos. The style was simple, elegant with a cheerful vibe. The food and service was amazing with everyone enjoying the beautiful Greek food. With fireworks at midnight and the band booked till 5am we danced the night away and were the last to leave. 

The day was spectacular, perfect weather and all the international friends and family from all over the world to celebrate our very special day. It was truly something to recognise that so many friends and family had travelled so far to be there with us.  

On Buying the dress 

When Sofia set out to buy a dress, no one could have ever imagined what was about to happen. Instead of buying one dress she found a wedding shop closing down and they were selling all their stock, a total of 62 dresses plus veils. Sofia found her dream dress along with 61 other dresses which we sold and gave away. It makes for a really good story and still to this day she receives photos from the brides celebrating their day with one of these dresses. 

Advice for other couples 

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Getting married to the person you love is perfect.

Anything else you would like to add about your wedding on the Island of Samos in Greek islands

Because the wedding was relatively remote for most guests, they stayed for more days and this gave them the opportunity to relax, unwind, enjoy Samos Islands local food and culture. This made it seem like the wedding was over several days. We had time to spend with everyone catching up at the beach and of course the boat trip. 

Adam was awesome, the photos are delightful and was amazing to having him and his family has guests. 

Greek Island Wedding Photographer

Location :The Island of Samos in Greece 

Venue Chrisopetro 

Photography: Australian wedding Photographer 

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