Mountain Top wedding at Clear Mountain Lodge 0064

Emma and Liam Mountain Top Wedding

Ah man, what can I say about this couple, if you are related to or friends with them you would know how sweet these two are, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. Their wedding at Clear Mountain Lodge had so many sweet little moments. The celebrant who was a longtime family friend conducted the ceremony, the way it almost rained directly after the service, it was raining all around us but not on us, the sun making an appearance during their bridal photos. The way a passerby offered up her front balcony for photos overlooking the city. The way Emma looked in her beautiful custom design dress that only complemented her love for flowers. 

Please enjoy a sneak peek at Emma and Liam’s Clear Mountain Lodge wedding

Venue: Clear Mountain Lodge 

Celebrant: Belinda Macartney

Wedding Gown: Christina Kim

Make up: Jodie Vit

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