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How To Rock Your Bridal Photos

Now is the time to have fun let your hair down and have your photos with your crew and some intimate moments with your partner.

We have broken your bridal photos down to 6 main points that will help you get amazing photos.


One of the most crucial aspects to consider for your wedding day is the timeline. If we haven’t discussed it yet, please give me a call now!

The timeline is vital as it allows us to capture natural and relaxed images of you on your special day. Allocating sufficient time for each event prevents rushing and provides moments to breathe and cherish the day. It’s during these relaxed moments that we capture emotive, candid memories.


Timing is key for breathtaking bridal portraits. We always aim for the golden light around sunset, which offers softer, more flattering light.

As the sun dips below the horizon, we enter the blue hour, providing an opportunity for beautiful, soft portraits.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer


How long do bridal photos take? Generally, we spend 1.5 hours on them: 45 minutes with the entire bridal party and 45 minutes exclusively with both of you. It’s essential to take a break on your wedding day and spend intimate time with your partner (accompanied by a third wheel—I promise, it won’t be awkward).

What to Bring

Bring along champagne, beers, water, and food platters. While most venues offer something before dinner, it’s crucial to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the long day. Plus, popping champagne makes for great photos! Also, don’t forget your favorite tunes preloaded on Spotify to connect to my Bluetooth speaker.

Above all, have fun, be yourself, and embrace spontaneity.

Brisbane Wedding Party having fun popping Champagne in front of Chapel


Many couples feel shy in front of the camera, and that’s perfectly okay. We’ve got you covered—no awkward posing from our end. We’ll provide prompts and guidance to help you look your best without leaving you stranded.

Intimate Moments

Now, it’s just the two of you. This is your time to be fully present with each other. Forget about the worries—whether it’s about food or Aunt Anelda’s speech. Reflect on the vows you made earlier that day, committing to each other amid millions of people on Earth. Embrace vulnerability and open your hearts to love each other.

Groom snuggles into bride as she wraps her arms around him during wedding photos on the Sunshine Coast

Enjoy this cherished time together because the rest of the night is all about celebrating!

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

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