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8 Tips To The Best Getting Ready Photos On Your Wedding Day

It’s the morning of your wedding day and everything is happening. All your planning has come together, your bridesmaids, your mum the hair dresser and make up are there. And it all seems a little chaotic. 

Here are some simple ways to make sure you get a stress free and amazing moments captured when you are getting ready. 

1. Plenty of Room

Enough room to have so many people in one space with out tripping over each other. If you are getting ready at a hotel opt for an apartment over a room. 

2. Window Light

Have your makeup artist face you towards the light, leave enough room for the photographer and videographer to stand in front of you. Fill that room with beautiful light. This does not include artificual lights and down lights as these can create unflattering shadows or colour casts. 

3. De Clutter

Have the room clear of anything you don’t want to be in the background or foreground of your memories. If you are getting ready at home this may include objects that have meaning to you. Including pictures of family on the wall or coffee table sentimental items that you have grown up with or a passing of a dear relative/ friend. Please make the photographer and videographer aware of these items that they are special and you would like them included in the documentary of your day. 

4. Assembly Of Your Accessories

Have your dress, shoes and flowers and any accessories you will be wearing in one spot. This includes the bridesmaids dresses if you want them photographed. Saves stressing about where they are, while you are in the middle of hair or make up. 

5. Food Platter

Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water. It’s a large gap between the morning and the actual reception and sitting down for food. 

6. Champagne And Music

Let’s now buzz up the vibe have your favourite music playing and a bottle of bubbly on hand for when everything’s done. 

7. Delegate

You have bridesmaids for a reason, to help you get organised and ready. They can help with many of the above points. Prior to your wedding you can can create a song list, decide on where to get the food platter (or make your own) 

8. Enjoy Yourself

The hard work has been done, now’s the time to sit back and enjoy be pampered with hair and makeup 

Groomsmen – almost all the above points apply to them as well. Plenty of room, plenty of window light (no artificial) Assemble the accessories, food and of course beverages (within reason), music and enjoy yourselves. 

Final note: Enjoy yourselves! Having a genuine good time on your wedding day is the key to get beautiful emotive wedding images and video. 

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