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Toward the end of this year, as a family, we took a road trip to Agnes Waters, 1770, Great Keppel Island, Cape Hillsborough, Hideaway Bay / Cape Gloucester, and finally, Townsville and Magnetic Island.

The year before, we did something similar, and we made it to Bowen. I came back with so many images; it was overwhelming. I couldn’t decide which images to share on social media, so much so that I didn’t share any.

This time, I decided to shoot it on film instead. I ended up taking a Fujifilm Tiara point-and-shoot and a Canon EOS 30. The Fujifilm 28mm point-and-shoot was good for taking quick snaps, although there was a bit of a learning curve. I found out that some of the images were soft and out of focus due to not selecting the correct focal distance first. The Canon was much easier—a lot larger, nailed focus, and exposure perfectly.

To be honest, the Canon SLR was way faster and more accurate than the Fuji, but the Fuji made me slow down. There was a series of steps that had to be taken prior to shooting: selecting subject distance, turning off flash, etc.

Any way here are the results

1770 and Agnes Waters

Agnes and 1770 aren’t far from Brisbane, just over 5 hours, yet they transport you to a different world. Agnes Waters marks the furthest point in QLD to go surfing. The water temperature is amazing for those who dislike cold water (like me). The weekend markets are perfect for a leisurely stroll and, of course, for ice cream. It’s a peaceful location with not a huge influx of tourists

Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island is undeniably one of our favorite destinations. There are so many beaches to explore that sometimes you find yourself completely alone on the shore. The sand is soft and pristine white, and just off the beaches, there are coral reefs perfect for snorkeling in crystal-clear waters. It’s truly hard to surpass in terms of picturesque, unspoiled beauty.

We can’t speak highly enough of Great Keppel—it’s definitely one of our top picks. And if you are planning on getting married on Great Keppel. We will be more than happy to join you

Cape Hillsborough

Encountering kangaroos on the beach at sunrise was a bit disappointing this year, as only three joined us. In the past, we’ve been greeted by around 10 to 15 kangaroos. Additionally, in the caravan park, kangaroos would leisurely sit by your caravan throughout the day. Anyhow the walk out to Wedge island was interesting and fun for the kids Stick to the track other wise you get stuck in the mud)

Cape Gloucester

If you’re ever in Airlie and seeking pristine waters alongside a beach bar without leaving the mainland, Cape Gloucester Resort is a must-visit. Just a 45-minute drive from Airlie, day visitors are warmly welcomed. To reach it, you’ll travel down a dirt road that winds over hills, offering breathtaking vistas of the ocean and the coral reefs encircling the headlands.

On weekends, they offer live entertainment too. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed, complemented by fantastic food and a view that’s simply breathtaking. It’s one of our other favorite North Queensland destinations, perfect for escaping it all

Magnetic IslanD

Magnetic Island was our whole purpose of our road trip, and we were incredibly excited about visiting an island we’d heard so much about. Regrettably, it didn’t quite meet our expectations. Perhaps the rough weather in Townsville at the time played a part, as the water wasn’t clear and lacked the crystal clear waters of Cape Gloucester and Great Keppel. Additionally, the sand didn’t match up—it had a golden-brown hue with a muddy texture.

Despite this, the standout of our Magnetic Island stay was enjoying brunch at Scally Wags (though, apologies, I don’t have a picture). The waiter was exceptional! He entertained the kids with various tricks, and the food was absolutely fantastic. We did find the markets to be very charming, though.

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