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Film Photography A return to 35mm film

While we were still in England, I bought off ebay, 2 cameras an old Canon AE1,  50mm lens full manual, yes including the focus. The second is a Canon EOS 30, both 35mm film cameras. Why I might hear you ask, because a man needs a hobby, collecting cameras, no seriously!  To put them to use of course, with the digital age upon us and nearly every photographer shooting digital including myself I wanted to challenge myself.  I loaded a roll of 35mm Kodak  portra 400 into the AE1 and thats where it sat for a while, I had to make every shot count. I had great subjects to shoot with the birth of our twins Ethan and Sienna. Do you know how hard it is to manually focus on a moving subject! The cost of processing and scanning film is by far not cheap. 

So how did I go and how did they turn out? 

I love them! Not only because you can see the growth of my kids but there is a certain look you just can’t get with digital cameras. Here is the first roll from the AE1 

Let me know what you think Film or Digital whats your preferences and why? 

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