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Flaxton Gardens Wedding Photography

Flaxton gardens Wedding Photography is one of my favourite venues to be at. Not only for the venue, location but the service and food are exceptional. If you are planning Flaxton gardens wedding and looking for a photographer, get in touch!

Steak breakfast was awesome with the boys. The cold morning air, of Flaxton high in the hills, chilled you a little as you stand there in the open watching the steaks cook.

James and the boys stayed at Flaxton Farm House the night before. Just a stones throw away from Flaxton Gardens where James and Brooke were getting married later that day. Flaxton Gardens is just a perfect venue for weddings. With a choice of ceremony areas and a wet weather alternative, stunning views old world charm and sensational service and food. 

Brooke and the girls were getting ready at a private luxury mansion at the bottom Flaxton, no steaks there! đŸ™‚ everything was in full swing when I arrived. The girls were relaxed and the excitement was felt in the air. Brooke’s dad kept himself busy all morning I think he was more nervous than Brooke. 

The ceremony at Flaxton Gardens

The coolest Kombi delivered Brooke to Flaxton Gardens for her wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, full of information for the newly weds on how to grow and prosper as a couple.  When it came time for exchanging of the rings Brooke got a little shock! James had informed Brooke that her wedding band wasn’t ready. And that he would just get a plain one for her. Her response was ” It would have been nice for the wedding”.  Imagine her shock as he tried to slip this beautiful diamond encrusted ring on her finger :). 

I’m talking or writing a bit much now, but there were so many things that I loved about this wedding, the people, the location, the styling the atmosphere,the slideshows, the band ( who were awesome like seriously awesome) I……… I mean We, had so much fun going to ‘ One Tree Hill ‘ in the Kombi with Scott the driver, it was a mini bus ride. At One tree hill there were quiet moments of togetherness, affection, reflection and dreaming in beautiful light. Their day was so full of dancing of every style đŸ™‚ In particular Brooke in her stunning ‘made with love bridal’ gown. A special mention has to go to Brooke’s dad who’s speech consisted of him playing the drums to “I loved her first”

Flaxton Gardens

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