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Ecostudio Fellini Wedding Katrina and Lindsey

Katrina and Lindset Ecostudio Fellini Wedding

Wedding days are meant to be perfect, but what happens when things don’t go to plan. The weather isn’t blue skies but a shade of grey that makes you want to curl up and watch a movie or read a book 

Plan B happens and you get on with it. Nothing should faze you really, life goes on and the wedding day continues. Besides Lindsey was use to standing in mud from all stories he told. (it really wasn’t that bad)  

Heres what Katrina and Lindsey had to say about themselves and their wedding day at Ecostudio Fellini.

How Lindsey and Katrina Met

Lindsey and I actually first met at high school. We were more like acquaintances at that time in our lives (haha!). After high school I moved to Brisbane to go to uni and Lindsey joined the Army. We met up again during a Christmas holiday break back in our home town of Airlie Beach. That is when we sparked each other’s attention. One thing led to another, Lindsey was posted to Brisbane from Albury. And we started seeing each other not long after that. We were together for almost 7 years before we got engaged. 

The Proposal

Lindsey proposed during our holiday in Europe (2013/2014). Whilst we were in Paris, we visited the Palace of Versailles. We spent about an hour wondering around the gardens before it started to rain. We were making our way back to shelter when, out of nowhere. I turn around to find Lindsey kneeling in the mud. Lindsey will often tell people that my first reaction to this was asking him “what are you doing?” and to “get out of the mud!” and to “hurry up, our bus will be leaving soon!”. Little did I know he was trying to work up enough courage to propose.

To my amazement, Lindsey was able to muster out a few nervous words. Describing his feelings towards me and our relationship, before holding out the box with the ring in it. I was then in complete shock! After realising what was actually happening, the emotions started and we had our special little moment… in the rain… whilst in Paris. 

The Wedding dress

The idea of having an Anna Campbell dress came to me after going wedding dress shopping. For my sister’s wedding dress the year prior to mine. When we were in that shop I just fell in love with how elegant, feminine and vintage a lot of the dresses were. 
So sure enough, the following year I booked in for an appointment knowing that I would find the right dress for me in that shop. I narrowed it down to the top 2 and when returning for the second appointment. It wasn’t until the lovely dress stylist asked me “How do you think your husband-to-be will react when he sees you in this dress?”, then I broke down in tears and just knew how perfect this dress would be. 
It was just so feminine, so elegant, so… me.

The Wedding at Ecostudio Fellini

Our ceremony and wedding was at Ecostudio Fellini in Mudgeereba on the Gold Coast. The plan was to have the ceremony at their little open air chapel outside, amongst the trees and nature. However Mother Nature had other plans. It rained just as our guests were arriving. So we resorted to plan B, to take our ceremony upstairs, undercover, where the reception was. I think back to it now, and think just how perfect it was. We stood out on a small gazebo and our family and friends were nice and close which made the atmosphere feel even more intimate and beautiful.  

Lindsey and I both grew up close to the ocean up in North Queensland, which helped make our decision to hold our wedding near the water either on the Sunshine or Gold Coast our priority. The majority of our family live all over Australia, so we also had to factor in the idea of convenience and holiday experience for them all as well.

We visited many venues both up and down the Coast, before coming across Ecostudio Fellini. It wasn’t on a beach, however the secluded nature of the property and the natural environment it was surrounded by, completely ticked all the boxes for the intimate and relaxed wedding we wanted. The moment we stood on the grounds at Ecostudio and looked around at the natural beauty that the venue held… Lindsey and I both knew that this was exactly the spot we wanted to celebrate our wedding with all of our favourite people.  

Unique or funny moments from their wedding at Ecostudio Fellini  

For Lindsey, he said:
The most unique moment that stood out to me for our wedding at Ecostudio Fellini was watching Katrina enter the aisle during the ceremony and seeing her for the first time. I don’t often show my emotions, however during this moment, seeing how beautiful she looked, I was struggling to hold back a tear or three. Definitely a moment I will never forget.

For myself:
It was when Lindsey and I went outside under the festoon lights. Those lights were exactly where we wanted to have our first dance. But due to the weather, it just wasn’t going to happen.

My sister had given Lindsey and I some important advice just after our ceremony – to at some point during the night, find a spot away from everyone else and for the two of us to just take 5 minutes to share a special moment together, to be present and to be grateful to have so many people wanting to help celebrate.. us. So in saying this, the rain had died down a bit later on in the night, enough for Lindsey and I to go outside at Ecostudio Fellini, under those lights and have our little dance, our little moment, just the two of us. It was just the icing on the cake on our beautiful wedding day.

 Any advice for future couples?

Remember to find a time to stop, look around, and appreciate all the people you love are in one room and are there to celebrate you both. The whole day/night goes by so quickly so it is important to try and stop and be present and feel the love in the room. It’s a pretty magical feeling. 

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